Myths & Facts about Dental Cavities

Myth: You Can Always Feel a Cavity

Many people believe that they can feel cavities as soon as they form. However, the truth is that it can take a long time before the cavity gets close enough to the root to cause pain. It’s always better to get dental care for cavities before you can feel them.

Myth: Baby Teeth Can’t Get Cavities

Sadly, many parents believe that baby or milk teeth can’t get cavities or that they don’t matter because they are temporary. Baby teeth can get cavities and they can become very painful, so start brushing early!

Myth: Only Sugar Causes Cavities

We’ve all been told that sugar will rot our teeth, but the truth is, the bacteria that cause cavities can’t tell the difference between sugar and other types of food. Candy and sugar-rich foods are more likely to stick to the teeth, giving bacteria something to eat, but you can get cavities even if you don’t eat sweets.

Fact: Dairy Is Important for Healthy Teeth

For most of us, the largest source of calcium in our diet is dairy products. Calcium is very important for dental health and preventing cavities. If you don’t have dairy in your diet, due to dietary restrictions, be sure to include other calcium-rich foods like broccoli or ask your dentist what you can eat, or which supplements you can take.

Fact: Saliva Does Not Protect Teeth Alone

Many people believe that snacking or chewing gum, which produces more saliva, is enough to protect their teeth from cavities. However, like most aspects of our health, there is no one thing that will keep your teeth healthy. You need to do many different things to protect your teeth from cavities.

When In Doubt, Ask Your Dentist!

There are many other myths and rumors about cavities, fillings, and dental procedures out there. Some might once have been true but have changed over time, while others are completely made up and not rooted in any kind of fact.

If you have questions or concerns about your dental health, how to protect it and how dental procedures work, contact your Lethbridge dentist directly.

Most dentists are happy to answer any questions you might have, and if you do look for answers online, be sure to use reliable sources. Dental association websites, your Lethbridge dentist’s blog, or by asking us directly can help you clear any doubts you may have. Give us a call at 403-942-3733!